Post-Surgery: Spay

Your pet needs specific care after being spayed.  Please follow these guidelines and any additional instructions you are given, and do not hesitate to call us with questions or concerns.

  • Do not feed or water your pet after surgery. You may give them a tablespoon or so of water after 8 pm that evening.  The following morning you may give them a small amount of water, and if they hold it down for 30 minutes you may offer them a small amount of food.  That afternoon you may go back to regular feeding.
  • Stitches are not to get wet! No bathing, no swimming, no going out in the rain for 10 days. Dogs will need to return in 10 days to have their stitches removed.  Cats' stitches are absorbable and will disappear on their own.
  • If the animal licks excessively or tugs on the stitches you may go to a local pet store and purchase an E-collar (Cone of Shame) for them to wear, to be take off only during feeding.
  • Swelling and a little redness are normal.  If there is bleeding or a discharge accompanied by odor please call us at 256 - 381 - 6210.
  • When your dog comes to have her stitches removed, please stand back and allow us to handle your pet. 
  • Keep your pet's activity low for no less than five days.
  • After ten days they may go back to their regular activities.