Post-Surgery: Neuter

Your pet needs specific care after being neutered.  Please stick to the following guidelines, follow any other instructions you are given at the clinic, and feel free to call at 256 - 381 - 6210 if you have any questions or concerns about your pet.

  • Do not feed or water the animal after surgery.  You may give them a tablespoon or two of water after 8 pm that evening.  The following morning you may give a small amount of water and wait 30 minutes.  If they do not vomit, you may offer a small amount of food.  That afternoon you may go back to regular feeding.
  • Stitches must not get wet! Male dogs have stitches after neutering and may not go swimming or be bathed or otherwise get the area wet for 10 days.  These stitches are absorbable and will disappear on their own.  Male cats do not have stitches.
  • If the animal licks excessively or tugs on the stitches you may go to a pet store and purchase an E-collar (Cone of Shame) to put on the animal.  Take it off during feeding.
  • It is common for male dogs to pull out a stitch or two.  If this happens he will probably be fine.  However, if you see excessive bleeding or signs of infection please call us immediately.
  • Swelling and some redness is normal.  If there is bleeding or discharge accompanied by odor please call us.
  • Keep your pet's activity low for no less than five days.
  • They may return to their regular activities after ten days.