Identifying Your Pet

Pets get lost all the time.  They smell something interesting and go wandering off, or they dig under the fence or run out the back door as soon as you open it.  They're curious, and it happens.  The simplest thing to do is keep a collar on your pet with name tags and the pet's rabies tag, but collars can easily be broken and lost.  The best and most permanent way to identify your pet is with a microchip.

What is a Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny electronic device that is injected under the skin of the dog's back.  Using a scanner, a veterinarian or animal shelter can read the ID number on the chip and get your pet's information.  Your address, telephone number, and the pet's description will be kept on file by the company who made the microchip and they will contact you with your pet's location.  The microchip is a simple RFID chip that simply emits a radio wave and nothing else.  (No, it cannot be found by GPS.)

What to Expect:

When your pet comes in to be microchipped, he will receive an injection with a large needle.  Dr. Cobb will scan your pet to verify that the chip is in place.  We will fill out paperwork identifying your pet and give you a tag to place on your pet's collar that lets everyone know that he or she is chipped.  You will need to mail off a form and pay a small fee to the microchip company in order for your pet's information to be stored.

For more information visit Avid's website.