Parvo: Deadly but Preventable!

Warm Weather is Parvo Weather!

Parvo is a contagious disease that kills millions of puppies and dogs every year, especially during the summer months. The virus attacks the digestive system and causes fever, vomiting, diarrhea and often death. Up to 91% of infected dogs die without veterinary treatment. Even with intensive care many dogs do not survive the infection, and hospitalization or emergency care can be very expensive. The good news is that Parvo is preventable! A simple vaccine can protect your pet year round. Young puppies will need boosters to ensure immunity. Call Colbert Animal Clinic at 256 – 381 – 6210 to schedule your pet's life saving shots today!

Parvo Prevention Tips:

  • Vaccinate adult dogs annually! Although they are less likely to catch Parvo, dogs older than one year are still at risk and can still pass this deadly disease on to other dogs.

  • Puppies should be vaccinated when they are six weeks old, with booster shots to follow. Keep unvaccinated puppies at home and away from other dogs. They should not visit the park, groomer, doggy day care or any places where other dogs go until they have been vaccinated.

  • Quarantine any animals that show symptoms and contact a vet immediately. If your dog is diagnosed with Parvo your house and yard will remain contaminated with the virus for many months, so do not allow any unvaccinated dogs to visit!

  • Keep in mind that even a puppy who survives a bout with Parvo can remain contagious for up to six weeks after recovery. Keep the puppy home to avoid spreading the disease to other dogs. Clean contaminated items with bleach or throw them away.

  • Dogs or puppies adopted from animal shelters or rescues should be vaccinated immediately and isolated from other pets for two weeks.

  • Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate! The only way to guarantee that your dog will survive Parvo is to make sure he never catches it.

Prevention is the best and cheapest medicine, so vaccinate your pets ASAP!

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Keep this info in mind if you've got puppies, and don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about your pet.  Vaccines save lives, so please make sure your dog is protected!

Love, Phoebe