Cool Weather Ahead!

Hey guys!  We're in for some fall weather soon, which is great for getting outdoors but can be uncomfortable or even hazardous for your outdoor pets.  Please make sure your outdoor pets have all got sturdy four-sided shelters to go inside when the temperatures drop, whether it's a dog house or a utility room.  Here are some tips:

  • It is important that your pet stays dry in cold weather, so if your dog house floods when it rains you can raise it up away from the ground on cinder blocks to keep the water from splashing in.
  • Dogs, cats and other critters can all benefit from having some bedding to snuggle down in such as wood shavings, blankets or straw.
  • Dog houses that get tipped over can be stabilized by being bungee corded to a tree or post, or even staked to the ground with ropes like a tent.
  • If the door of a dog house has become torn or missing, you can make one with a small tarp or shower curtain and a bungee cord.
  • Small dogs and cats in particular are susceptible to low temperatures, so keep an eye on that thermometer as fall comes in!  
  • Check under the hood of your car before you start it on cold mornings, in case your outdoor cat has decided to sleep on the warm engine.
  • Short haired dogs can benefit from wearing a sweater, but make sure it fits properly and the dog can't get tangled in it or chew it up.
  • If you are caring for a colony of feral cats, you can make your own insulated cat shelters!  Find the instructions here.

Enjoy the leaves and stay snuggly!

Love, Phoebe